Giving Back

Protecting our planet

At Mountainside we believe in the healing powers of nature. We also know we have a responsibility to keep our environment healthy for generations to come. We use natural products, glass and recycled items whenever possible. We invite our guests to do their part by saving cardboard and aluminum cans under the sink for recycling.

A commitment to giving back

We are rooted in the foundation of our community. Through connections and experiences, we come together to share our blessings with those around us and connect with beauty whenever possible

Giving back to…

Our American heroes. We are proud to support our military and we know there are amazing couples who dream of an incredible, high-end wedding. We partner with amazing local vendors that donate their time, energy and space as a gift to one lucky couple each year. We want to give that gift to you. Win a Montana Military Wedding!

Our community members who are struggling. When we finish a wedding and find ourselves with extra flower arrangements, we don’t let that beauty go to waste. Instead, we pay it forward, by repurposing large bouquets into smaller vases that we deliver to local hospitals to brighten up a room of someone who is recovering.