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My Soul Mate

As told by Lorraine:

When Dave and I first started dating in 2011, we loved being playful with each other. One of our favorite things to do was send each other secret messages in different languages and try to stump the other on decoding not only the language, but also the meaning. This went back and forth for quite some time while we were dating. One day I stumbled upon the Irish Gaelic message “Mo Anam Cara,” which means “my soul mate.” Before Dave had even proposed, I already knew this man was my Mo Anam Cara! One day I took a leap of faith and sent him that message. Of course he figured it out within minutes (he was always much quicker at solving the messages than I was!). Much to my delight, he proposed a year later and as a surprise, I had Mo Anam Cara inscribed into his wedding band.

There are so many small details of special meaning in our lives and this one has such a deep significance for us both, so much so that we actually named the business Mo Anam Cara Enterprises. Our own version of a happily ever after that we get to incorporate into our life’s purpose of hosting beautiful experiences for people like you.